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October - 21,2021

Hair Loss: Does PRP Work?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a relatively new approach to treating hair loss. It is already employed by doctors to treat various parts of the body. Now, the question is – is it effective in treating hair loss? To start with, we’ll not be able to answer this question just in a line. Let’s explore the answer in the course of this particular post. Read on!

PRP and Hair Loss: What you Need to Know 

Now, it’s crucial to note that PRP is employed to treat hair loss, resulting from androgenetic alopecia that’s also known as pattern baldness in men. To ascertain how effective PRP is against hair loss problems, we must first find what it is?

Platelets are a part of your blood, just like the white or red blood cells. If you end up sustaining a wound or an injury, it’s your platelets that act as the first responders of your body to promote the process of healing.

In the year 2019, a team of researchers carried out a study – the results of the research appeared in a famous journal, namely- Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The study spanned eleven research papers that documented the findings on 262 participants. As per the authors, most of the studies found that PRP worked effectively on patients by reducing hair loss problem and bolstering hair growth and the diameter of each strand of hair.

Since then, several studies have been carried out from time to time that has indeed gone on to prove the efficacy of PRP when it comes to treating hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

Things You Need to Consider

Now, it’s significant on your end to know that though PRP has been endorsed as a cure for hair loss, under no circumstances should you assume that it reduces the conditions causing hair loss. It is the reason why doctors will never advise you to resort to multiple PRP treatments over time to maintain the growth of your hair. Even though researchers have proved PRP is effective in treating hair loss, the medical fraternity still conducts more studies to put a stamp on its efficacy.

If you’re presently considering PRP for hair growth, you should acquaint yourself duly with the side effects of such a treatment as well!

The same has been documented below:

  • Headache
  • Mild pain in the place where the injection was administered
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Temporary bleeding at the injection site

Even the side effects are rare to minor, you need to conduct a thorough discussion with your doctor to figure out whether or not you’re a perfect candidate for the treatment! Make sure that you’re selecting the right medical professional for the procedure as well. Moreover, it’s imperative on your end to survey the credentials of the doctors thoroughly before going ahead with the treatment. To find out about their relevant experience and success rate. Talk to a few patients, if possible as well.  Hope this primer has been of help to you. 

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