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August - 17,2022

Dilemma in advanced baldness – FUE alone or combination of FUE & FUT

Hair transplant is a crucial decision to make and hence you require complete and authentic information before coming to a conclusion or finalising anything. In today’s era of Google searches, all information looks like just a click away. But while scrolling through tons of information on hair transplant beware of false traps of misinformation, myths, […]

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August - 1,2022

How a second repeat FUE can damage your hair?

FUE is a scarless surgery! FUE does not affect the donor density! I can keep my hairs very short after FUE! FUE is the best and can be repeated during second transplant! Are you also amongst those misguided people who have been told all these lies and believe the above falseclaims. Then this blog is […]

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July - 27,2022

Factors Deciding Hair Transplant Cost

Hairloss and progressive baldness are not just physical cosmetic problems but they also have a lot of psychological and emotional impact. While plenty of products promise to help you grow your hair – a majority of them are not really effective and fail to produce the desired results. Also one of the most common causes […]

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July - 20,2022

India as the new Hub of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the newest trend in the buzz these days. Celebrity endorsements, increasing awareness of self-care, and societal peer pressures are some of the budding drivers for the growing hair transplant market. India is considered to have the largest hair transplant industry worldwide. International chains are seeing India as one of the potential markets […]

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October - 28,2021

Things to know about Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma has emerged as a possible cure for hair loss today. Several studies conducted in the recent past have shown that it’s effective in treating pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia among men. However, before delving into further details, do let us tell you that you shouldn’t assume that it’s a magic […]

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October - 21,2021

Hair Loss: Does PRP Work?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a relatively new approach to treating hair loss. It is already employed by doctors to treat various parts of the body. Now, the question is – is it effective in treating hair loss? To start with, we’ll not be able to answer this question just in a line. Let’s […]

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October - 8,2021

Importance of donor area for hair transplant

When it comes to a hair transplant procedure, there is a defined concept that you will come across, and it is called a donor area. If you want to undergo a hair transplant, the first thing your doctor will identify is the donor area. Some of the most commonly used donor areas are the safe […]

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September - 29,2021

How to deal with hair fall after delivery?

Are you experiencing hair fall soon after you have delivered your baby? If so, you do not have to experience sleepless nights for this as it is more common than you might think. Hair fall after delivery is one of the most common postpartum symptoms that women go through after they have delivered a baby. […]

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February - 20,2021

Hair sunscreen: why sun protection isn’t just for your skin

We all know how sunscreen can be important for the protection of your skin. However, most people are not aware of the fact that sun’s rays can be damaging to one’s hair as well. It is for this reason hair care specialists strongly recommend using sunscreen for hair so that it remains protected against the […]

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February - 20,2021

Can Coronavirus cause hair loss?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to expect the unanticipated at all times. Many things that we have considered to be time-tested truths about human health have eventually been debunked by this worldwide pandemic that has already killed millions. However, even those who have not experienced fatal results from COVID-19 have still been negatively impacted […]

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