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August - 1,2022

How a second repeat FUE can damage your hair?

FUE is a scarless surgery!

FUE does not affect the donor density!

I can keep my hairs very short after FUE!

FUE is the best and can be repeated during second transplant!

Are you also amongst those misguided people who have been told all these lies and believe the above falseclaims. Then this blog is going to be a real eye opener for you. 

But let’s first learn a few authentic facts about FUE.Follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant technique that involves extracting follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them to the bald area of your body. It is a fast and precise surgery with minimal graft transaction rate. In FUE, there is a very minimal downtime. In just a week, the crusts fall & identification of the donor site becomes impossible.FUE also gives you option to choose multigrafts.It’s a favorite amongst both the clinics and the patients these days. However, it has its own disadvantages and limitations.

A lot of people have this misconception, that FUE doesnot leave behind any scars, and so it can be safely repeated from the same donor area.Most of the time people think that they can keep very short hairs with FUE without worrying about the scars. But the truth is that graft extraction by FUE does leavebehind some small scars in the donor area. 

Even in the first FUE surgery, the donor area density can be compromised (mild to severe) depending on the number of grafts extracted. The graft extraction site of FUE heals with scarring which by traction also alters the angle of the nearby hair as well. The exit angle would be the same, but the angle of hair underneath the skin might have changed because of surrounding scarring tissues of previous FUE. Because of the fact that FUE is a blind procedure and also the angles have altered, there is a high chance of destruction of these grafts.

If grafts are taken out by FUE again during second transplant from the same donor, then the donor area will be demolished in terms of density and cosmetic appearance.At the same time, we won’t even be able to achieve a high number of viable grafts due to high transection rates.

The reason why this simple truth is kept hidden from you is because most of the fancy clinics and doctors are doing only FUE surgery and have no expertise whatsoever in FUT surgery. Because of commercialization of things and since they have no other option in terms of expertise, so they market and put forward only FUE even during repeat transplant.

Every case is different & so should be the strategy.In high grade of baldness, we recommend combination of FUT and FUE. 2nd repeat FUE should never be done from the same donor area, otherwise it will exhaust the donor completely.If we need less number of grafts <2000, FUE is good, but again it depends upon the donor quality, future thinning chances, response to medicines and other variables. In case you are going to a clinic which has already decided that they are going to do FUE only, even in very high grades of baldness, only GOD can save your donor.But remember it is coming at a cost, cost of consumption of your donor, as you are depleting your donor for future use. According to Dr. Shaiil, “Second repeat FUE from the same donor zone is a big crime”.

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