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Hair Transplant Facts

July - 21,2021

Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic hair implantation is a very popular procedure worldwide, where natural looking hair are implanted in the scalp one by one exactly matching the existing original hair. The hair has a knot at the end and makes a firm grip inside the scalp after implantation. These hair can be styled in any way and give […]

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July - 20,2021


What is PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma? Off late there is a lot of talk about a revolutionary means of treatment that is completely non- surgical and goes by the name PRP. The word PRP actually stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and forms the basis of a truly revolutionary form of treatment for patients suffering from […]

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July - 19,2021

Role of Medicines

As we know Hair loss can be progressive and even after Hair Transplantation your existing Hair can thin out. Even the transplanted Hair can acquire the characteristics of recipient site, though these hair are relatively resistant and it takes longer time for them to thin out as compared to existing non transplanted hair. To sustain […]

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