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FUT+FUE hair transplant 2500+500Grafts

Grade  AGA
3000 MHT
Front, temples & crown

2500 FUT + 500 FUE hair transplant

Mohak (mohit) had baldness affecting the frontal area & crown. He had significant thinning of the temples, frontal forelock and the area behind the frontal forelock.

He came to us with a lot of questions in his mind, most of them were related to the method of hair transplant. He had seen some YouTube videos of our clinic & the transparency of information & results impressed him.

The major confusion he had was to opt for FUT or FUE. Most of the clinics were suggesting him FUE, with fancy names but the basic information & the concern for the patient was lacking. He was not really convinced anywhere else. He knew that at Satya we do both FUT & FUE, so he was convinced that he would get the correct information & good result.

The major fears he had was about the pain of FUT & scar of stitch. He knew very well that in order to utilize the donor area maximally & to save a good amount of donor for future use, he needed to combine the two techniques. But the wrong & commercially biased information fed in his mind by so many clinics, doctors & influencers was creating doubts.

All his doubts were cleared when he met our experts & we decided to go for a combination surgery, where a major chunk of grafts was coming from FUT. The surgery went well as you can see in the post-op pictures.

A total of 3000 grafts were done: 500 by FUE & 2500 by FUT.

After 14 days, you can see the amazing transformation he had. The hairline looks awesome & very beautiful.

It doesn’t look like a transplant, in fact, it is difficult to even recognise the areas which were transplanted.

The stitch area healed nicely without any visible scarring, hair is growing through the scar tissue because of trichophytic closure. Just look at the donor area image. For just 500 grafts of FUE, a very big area was consumed & you can see the scarring of FUE while FUT gave us 2500 grafts from a small consolidated zone.

The patient was not prescribed Finasteride which would have enhanced the result 2-3 times by making miniaturized hair thicker. The reason for not starting finasteride is to avoid side effects, keep it as a reserve drug & to avoid issues like tolerance.

When you compare results of 2 different clinics, you should always pay attention to the fact that you are choosing the finasteride clinic or a predominantly non finasteride clinic. As the results which we are giving even without finasteride are right up there with a minimum number of grafts, conserving more future options for you.

We might need to give him finasteride later, just in case his hair keep thinning & in that situation, it will be low doses of finasteride, not 1 mg per day.

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Immediate Post OP

15 Days Post OP

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2500 FUT + 500 FUE hair transplant

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