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DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

Grade 2 AGA
Areas affected: Frontal hairline
Method of Transplant: DSFT
No. of Grafts: 1200

DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

This patient had a hairline recession and thinning of the hair in the transition zone. He was a professional model and wanted to participate in an international modelling competition. His major concern was downtime after the surgery as his shoots were lined up which he could not afford to miss. Another concern was his exercise schedule which he could not discontinue.

He wanted three things from us.

  • First, a procedure without shaving off the head so that he could resume his shoots and exercise in less than a week’s time.
  • Second, he wanted us to take care of the current thinning which was going on behind the receded hairline.
  • Third, he wanted to get a totally natural looking hairline as he was a model and so his close up pictures could be taken.

After a thorough discussion, we decided to go for 1200 DSFT grafts, the most advanced version of FUE technique. The surgery was performed without shaving off the head completely in the donor area. No hair was shaved in the recipient area and it was nicely merged with the existing hair. The patient recovered in just a few days and could resume his exercise within a week’s time. Simultaneously, a session of PRP was done at the time of surgery to improve the existing hair.

The four-month picture shows significant improvement and a very natural looking hairline. The non-transplanted area also has improved density and thickness.

The eight month pictures show a total transformation and the hairline looks absolutely stunning, beautiful and impeccable. On the same note we would like to highlight that this patient had consulted many other clinics before coming to us and was told to undergo 2500 grafts everywhere.

The patient actually went on to win that big modeling pageant next year and no one came to know about his hair transplant. Even close up shots could not catch the transplant. We feel honored to be part of this patient’s journey to his stardom.

We believe that people who look for perfection and for whom looks matter should make a correct and informed decision. Satya helps you with this at every step.

That is why people say that Satya is an amalgam of science, art and honesty. It is a rare combination and a valuable one to have.

Patient was not given finasteride or minoxidil. He was put on nutritional supplements only. Even after 6 years into hair transplant, he is maintaining his hair pretty well. And this proves yet again that not every patient needs finasteride which is blindly prescribed to every single hair transplant case. Though very effective initially, finasteride can have side effects & should not be just bombarded on every patient to hide the inferior work & fake promised numbers of grafts. Sometimes more than you, it is the hair transplant clinic which needs to give you the medicine. People think these are actual hair transplant results while they are majorly boosted by finasteride.

Pre OP

5 Months Post OP

7 Months Post OP

Final DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

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