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DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

Female hair Transplant
Areas affected: Front, Temples
Method: DSFT
Grafts done: 1700

DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

Hair transplantation is a procedure which is more commonly done in male patients worldwide. But now female patients also opt for hair transplantation surgery. Most of these patients have female pattern baldness which affects the middle portion of the scalp or the parting area. Some of them have a hairline like males with bitemporal recession. This can be congenital in many of them and in some cases it progresses with age.

This Patient had a hairline recession from the front. The hair used to look good otherwise but when she was combing her hair back or tying a ponytail, it used to look empty from the sides and front. The patient had taken treatments in the form of medications and PRP but to no avail. Finally, she decided to undergo hair transplantation surgery. Females usually have a lot of concerns about the hair transplantation procedure.

One of the biggest concerns is that they don’t want to shave off their head. In this case, since only a small number of grafts were required,, both the options FUT as well as FUE were possible.

The patient was explained the pros and cons of both the procedures and she decided to go for a FUE surgery. We did the most advanced version of FUE for her which is called DSFT or direct stimulated follicular transplant. The surgery was done without shaving off the head and as you can see she was easily able to cover it up. Within a week’s time, she resumed her work.

The early signs of growth were visible within 3 months and the hair growth looked absolutely natural. Subsequent pictures show improvement in growth and at all stages the growth is looking absolutely natural.

This is because of our unique technique called Satya’s Mimic Nature Hairline which gives you the most beautiful natural looking hairlines of all time. The reason why somebody gets a hair transplant done is that they want to look better, so hair transplant surgery is all about beautification and it has to look good and natural otherwise there is no fun in getting it done. At Satya you get the best of both the worlds, science and art.

The result which you are seeing here did not require any medication like minoxidil or finasteride for support. She was just given nutritional supplements for a few months.

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DSFT hair transplant 1200 Grafts

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