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Grade 4 AGA
Areas affected: Frontal hairline, middle of scalp & crown.
Method of Transplant: DSFT
No. of Grafts: 2500

DSFT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

This patient had thinning in the crown, the frontal area as well as the middle scalp.

The donor quality was excellent and the patient wanted good coverage as well as to preserve some donor for future usage. After proper evaluation, we found that both the procedures FUT as well as FUE were possible in his case. As usual the patient was explained the pros and cons of both the procedures and the patient opted to go for FUE. Here we did DSFT, which is the most advanced form of FUE.

We did 2500 grafts for him keeping in mind his donor area & future hair loss. We decided to leave an area untouched for future FUT, if required at all. We could have extracted more hair had we not left that area. But as a part of long-term planning for the future this step was taken. So the grafts were planted more on the parting side as compared to the non-parting side. We could have easily opted for more grafts and the patient was also ready to pay us for whatever number we suggested.

A lot of other clinics would have done 3000 or 4000 or maybe even greater number of grafts in this case. At Satya, we suggest treatments keeping your goals & long-term journey in mind. We know that hair is an emotional issue for you and sometimes the uncertainty, uneasiness, anxiety and lack of knowledge can make you do things which you would have never done in a state of awareness. While people sell you fears and greed, we sell you love, assurance, faith and trust.

The pre-pictures were taken without shaving off the head to show you the correct picture. Though during the surgery hair were shaved off. We know very well how results can be shown in such a manner that they look way better than they actually are. But Satya, as you know, means truth and this is what you’ll get here.

The patient had almost full growth by the end of nine months. The crown area looks absolutely natural with the whorl pattern created beautifully. The left side of the head, which is the parting side, looks very dense. The right side where less grafts were put still looks good and covered. The hairline looks absolutely stunning and totally natural. Even we cannot make out that a surgery has been performed. The combing video is the testimony to this beautiful transformation.

Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

3 Months Post OP

Post OP

DSFT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

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