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Grade 3 AGA
Areas affected: front, temples, middle portion
Method of Transplant: DSFT
No. of Grafts: 2500

DSFT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

This patient had a recession of the  hairline from the front and some thinning of the middle portion. The patient was a businessman but was also doing modelling as a hobby.

His looks were important for him and he was looking for a transplant which looked absolutely natural and undetectable. He was also looking for the kind of hairline which would have suited his personality the best. Before coming to Satya, this patient had consulted many other clinics but wasn’t really impressed with the kind of hairline being suggested to him.

He was looking for perfection with sheer artistry. This search for excellence brought him to Satya . The patient was preparing for a photoshoot, so he didn’t want us to shave off the entire head. He was also following a vigorous exercise schedule. So we opted for DSFT, the most advanced version of FUE. With this technique, the recovery is very fast. The hairline was designed by using Satya’s mimic nature hairline, which gives amazingly undetectable and beautiful hairlines. Just a few months & you can see an amazing transformation happening in this patient.

Satya is well known worldwide for its artistic skills and beautiful hair lines. You can see in the combing video how beautifully the hair have been implanted, nobody can even make out that it’s a transplant. The patient got an opportunity to shoot for the magazine for which he was interested. Even the close up cameras could not identify that it’s a transplant. Now that’s what you call total transformation.

We would like to highlight, the work was done with much less number of grafts as compared to the number of grafts suggested by some other clinics.

Satya means transformation with skill, artistry and honesty.

Pre OP

3 Months Post OP

5 Months Post OP

9 Months Post OP

Final DSFT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

Videos: DSFT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

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