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Beard restoration
2000 grafts

FUE beard transplant 2000 Grafts

A lot of people want to keep a beard as it is in fashion these days. But all of us are not fortunate to have good beard growth.

When a person comes to us for a beard hair transplant, age is very important. We dissuade younger patients to opt for it as the beard may keep on growing till the age of 25 years.

The patients who have no reason for less beard growth and in whom treatments fail to produce any beneficial effect, we recommend hair transplant surgery where we grow a beard using scalp hair or body hair as donor.

This type of surgery needs more creative skills, experience and precision than a scalp hair transplant. The angle at which hair is coming out of the skin is more important because they are directly visible on the skin. Sometimes the hair growth is there but because of cobble-stoning, it looks unnatural.

So beard Restoration is a combination of science and art and it is a place where you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Besides being a skilful & experienced surgeon Dr. Shaiil Gupta is an artist & a subconscious healer, which is the reason behind the miracles which Satya Clinic’s patients see in the form of results.

When we take out grafts from the scalp for beard hair restoration, we have to see the status of scalp hair also. If there is any tendency of hair loss or hair thinning in the scalp, one has to be cautious.

Hair extraction can be done from the scalp by either FUT or FUE.

In this patient, we needed around 2500 grafts and the donor area was good, so both the options were possible.

We opted for FUT surgery to preserve the donor for future usage if required for scalp at any point of time. FUT gives another advantage in such cases as we get a range of grafts with full differentiation unlike FUE, where we get only multi grafts.

Plugging of the grafts because of the small epithelial surface attached to the grafts in case of FUE is not seen in case of FUT, which leads to more cosmetically acceptable results.

The angles at which grafts are placed, the shape of the beard line and the density; all are very critical aspects for good aesthetic results.

You can see in subsequent pictures that the hair growth looks beautiful & very natural.

You should never compromise in the case of beard hair transplantation as it is right there on your face and if you don’t choose the correct surgeon, can lead to a disaster. A lot of cases come to us for repair of poorly done beard transplants. Most common issues are cobblestoning, wrong direction of hair, poor hairline designing & density. These are really difficult cases, which are hard to reverse. So a cheap beard transplant can prove to be very costly later on.

Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

4 Months Post OP

Final Result of FUE beard transplant 2000 Grafts

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