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Female hair Transplant
Areas affected: Front, Temples
Method: DSFT
Grafts done: 1700

FUE hair transplant 1700 Grafts

Hair transplantation is a procedure which is more commonly done in male patients worldwide. But these days a lot of female patients also opt for hair transplantation surgery. Most of these patients either have female pattern baldness which affects the middle portion of the scalp in the parting area. Some of them have a receding hairline like males. This can be congenital and in some cases it progresses with age.

This case is of a young patient who had a broad forehead because of which she was unable to style her hair and socialize, this was affecting her quality of life.

She had a good Donor area and both FUT & FUE were possible for her . The pros and cons of both surgeries were told to the patient and she opted for FUE. In her case, we did DSFT which is the most advanced version of FUE technique.

The surgery was done without shaving off the head. She was able to cover head from the front with the existing hair easily from the first day of surgery and the donor area was completely hidden and not visible at all. A lot of people have this misconception that it is a must to shave off the head completely prior to hair restoration surgery. Hair transplant surgery can be performed even without shaving off the head.

Signs of early growth are visible in the initial few months itself as soon as the shedding phase is over. The 5 months post-op picture shows significant uniform beautiful hair growth. Obviously the hair will take time to grow in length and merge with the existing hair.

15 Days Post OP

1 Month Post OP

4 Months Post OP

5 Months Post OP

FUE hair transplant 1700 Grafts

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