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FUE hair transplant 1800 Grafts

AGA with Diffuse thinning
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1800 FUE

FUE hair transplant 1800 Grafts

Mr. Yogesh had thinning in the crown & middle portion of the scalp. There was some recession of the hairline & temporal thinning as well.

Most of the clinics were telling him to go for 4000 grafts or more & mostly by FUE technique with different fancy or decorated names. He consulted our clinic after watching our informative & surgery videos on YouTube & website.

The problem with this patient was that his donor was weak & it was not possible to extract that many(4000) grafts by FUE method. Even the combination of FUT & FUE couldn’t give us that number in his case.

Doing an FUE surgery would have exhausted his donor area completely which was totally unacceptable. We did not want to overuse the donor as it is always wise to leave some donor for the future in such cases.

There is a dangerous trend going worldwide these days to fill as much as possible. Clinics are worried only about showing results, hardly thinking in long term interests of the patient.

Even if we can extract that many, it does not mean that we exhaust the donor completely for our interests.

As a responsible clinic, it is our duty to make people understand these facts. That is why, Satya stands tall amongst the crowd.

We did only 1800 grafts by FUE and the major areas including the front & little bit of temples were addressed along with crown and the middle portion. The donor hair was thin in this patient & this was FUE, which doesn’t give us a choice to choose the multi-hair grafts unlike FUE.

We would have got more hair for the same number of grafts in FUE but that would have obviously depleted the donor more. He still has got enough multi-hair grafts left for future use. Another FUE surgery can be done in his case later if required.

One of the major concerns patients usually have is the scar of FUE surgery. You can see in the follow up pictures that it has healed nicely. Within 4.5 months, we can see an amazing coverage of the entire area which is obviously going to improve with time.

We prescribed 1 mg finasteride on alternate days to Yogesh which is definitely contributing to the hair transplant result. So if somebody gets mesmerized by such results, he or she needs to understand the role of medicine in the result which you are watching.

Most of the results which you see on internet look much better than they actually are because of few reasons:

  1. These patients are put on finasteride, which will make the result look 2-3 times thicker in the transition areas.
  2. Most of these cases are purely FUE cases, so because of cherry picking of multi-hair grafts you get more no. of hair/ graft than FUE. This is good for the first time but depletes your donor for future use.
  3. Most of the cases which are shown have extremely privileged thick donor area.

So please keep these facts in mind before comparing the results, you will get the best possible; long lasting & real solution for your problem.

4 Months Post OP

Final FUE hair transplant 1800 Grafts

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