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Grade 3  AGA
Hairline & temples
FUE 2000 grafts

FUE hair transplant 2000 Grafts

Ravi had a broad forehead, recession of hairline & thinning of temples. He was 24 years of age & was doing his research on the internet for a good transplant clinic & method.

Most of the clinics were telling him grafts in excess of 3000 & almost all of them were suggesting him FUE. He wasn’t really convinced till he came across Satya Hair Clinic on YouTube.

He got the correct information through the educational & result videos which we post. He also inquired in particular about the role of medicines post transplant & the longevity of the result & the efforts which he & the clinic will have to put for the same.

He couldn’t get any assuring & concrete information from any other clinic, except Satya. At other clinics, he was told innumerable things about FUE to make him scared of the procedure.

All his doubts went away when he consulted Satya Clinic. We gave him actual information, the possibilities of his donor & advice regarding the correct use of donor in a long term perspective. We mutually decided for FUE 2000 grafts.

Within 4 months you can see an amazing transformation. The hairline looks amazingly natural thanks to Satya’s Mimic Nature Hairline.

The scar of FUE healed very nicely, due to trichophytic closure. Hair can be seen growing through the scar tissue as well.

As this was an FUE surgery, the patient still has a lot of multi-hair grafts left in the donor area which can be used later on. This density would have been even more had we done FUE surgery for him, but that would have consumed a lot of donor area, so it won’t remain available for future use.

FUE gives you more hair per graft but this is good for the first surgery only. Later, you are left with only single unit grafts in the donor which would be deficient when you need it later in case of progression of disease.

Another important fact is that the patient was not prescribed Finasteride, which would have enhanced the result 2-3 times by making miniaturized hair thicker. The reason for not starting finasteride is to avoid side effects, keep it as a reserve drug & to avoid issues like tolerance.

When you compare hair transplant results of different clinics, you should always pay attention to the fact that you are choosing a finasteride clinic or a predominantly non-finasteride clinic. The results which we are giving even without finasteride are right up there with a minimum number of grafts, conserving more future options for you.

Pre OP

2 Months Post OP

4 Months Post OP

7 Months Post OP

12 Months Post OP

Final Result of FUE hair transplant 2000 Grafts

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