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Grade 3 AGA
Areas affected: Hairline
Method of Transplant: FUT
No. of Grafts: 1300

FUT Hair Transplant 1300 Grafts

This patient was a very senior executive in a multinational

company in Singapore. He had good hair but in the past few years his hair line had receded a little bit. This used to affect his confidence while addressing high level meetings.

Two major concerns which the patient had were the social downtime as well as the shape of the hairline. Being in a profession there he had to address meetings all day and night and with a very busy schedule, he was not in a condition to shave off his head. Secondly, the patient had seen a lot of hair transplant results where the hairline didn’t look natural, which he didn’t want to happen in his own case.

The hairline can look unnatural because of two reasons: the shape of the hairline and the treatment given to the hairline zone. The shape of the hairline has to be created in a pattern in which a person loses his hair naturally and the hairline is actually not a line, it is a zone which is being treated.

This patient had discussed these two aspects with different surgeons across the globe and wasn’t really convinced to undergo the surgery there. He got a reference from one of his friends, who had been operated on at Satya clinic.

Whenever we design hairline, we have to keep following factors in mind:-

-The age of patient

-Pattern of hair loss

-Family history

-Previous treatment history

-Patient’s expectations

-Structure of face

Above all, it is the aesthetic sense of the surgeon based on which the final call is taken.

Since we do both the procedures FUT as well as FUE, the pros and cons of these were explained to the patient and the final decision was left on the patient himself.

In this case he decided to go for FUT surgery.

The final result was awesome with a very beautiful & impeccable hairline. The patient could resume his work meetings on the third day of surgery itself.

With SATYA’S Mimic nature hairline technique, we give you the best hairlines in the world.

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After 7 Months FUT Hair Transplant 1300 Grafts

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