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1500 FUT hair transplant

1500 FUT hair transplant

Repair Hairline, temples, middle part
Fut 1500

1500 FUT Hair Transplant

Mr. Purusharth had a transplant done earlier and it was an FUE surgery. He was not happy with the hairline and density. The hairline looked unnatural and artificial. The angle of the hair was not good which was troubling the patient.

Repair cases are challenging because merging the new hair into existing ones is a little tricky and not everybody can do it. Also, there is a lot of scarring in the recipient area which can lead to excessive bleeding and popping of the grafts.

That is the reason we emphasize that cost should not be the criterion to choose your hair transplant clinic. Hair transplant is not just about getting your hair back; you are getting it done to look good. As the patient was a singer and performed shows, he didn’t want to shave off the head. To minimize the social downtime, we did exactly that.

We extracted the wrongly placed grafts by the FUE method, however the surgery was done using the FUT method. The patient was able to attend his show on the third day of surgery. AGF procedure was done along with the surgery to improve the growth of existing hair.

You can see an amazing transformation in his looks. Now it doesn’t even look like a transplant and it looks dense too. The donor area also seems to be good and the FUT scar is not visible because of trichophytic closure technique.

We urge you, once again, not to put your donor area at stake just because of low cost hair transplant surgeries.

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