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Grade 3 AGA
Areas affected: Frontal recession, thinning of frontal forelock.
Method of Transplant: FUT
No. of Grafts: 1800

FUT hair transplant 1800 Grafts

It was an interesting case with a frontal hairline recession. There was a Grade 3 baldness along with significant thinning of the frontal forelock. There was a recession of the hairline from the central area as well.

We could do FUT as well as FUE surgery, so the patient was explained about the pros and cons of both surgeries. Final decision was taken by the patient considering the current situation, future hair loss, family history of baldness and response to previous medical treatments. It is really important to have all these options in mind before making the final decision.

Here, the patient opted for FUT surgery to make use of the permanent donor zone and to reserve some donor for future use.

Many times, patients are scared of one of these methods and so choose the method which isn’t right for them. According to us, both the methods are good and have their advantages and disadvantages. In young patients with progressive hair loss, usually FUT is preferable.

The surgery was done without shaving off the head to minimize social downtime. Many patients find it very convenient to undergo procedures without shaving as it allows them to continue their daily routine activities.

We did 1800 grafts by doing FUT surgery giving him the most sophisticated hairline “Satya’s Mimic Nature Hairline”. This hairline looks absolutely natural. Years of hard work, honesty, passion, skills and creativity are put together to execute this work.

The grafts were placed in the existing hair very precisely taking care that no area is left untouched. Only 1800 grafts were done in order to take care of future thinning. You can see the exact graft placement in the 15 days post op pictures. In five months post-op pictures, you can see the initial growth which is looking absolutely natural. In 9 to 10 months, almost all the hair growth has come and it looks absolutely stunning. This is one of the most natural and beautiful hair transplant results one can ever have.

The scar at the back of head is almost undetectable because of Trichophytic closure. A lot of people are scared of FUT surgery because of the scar. As you can see in the video, it is barely visible. There is no tightness of the scalp or limitation in the movements because of the strip removal.

This case is one of the unique cases where you can see the follow-up of more than seven years. The patient was not put on finasteride & the results are still good & holding up pretty well, though we can see some thinning in the transplanted area & the area behind transplant. Finasteride may or may not have kept working for 7 years as there are tolerance issues with finasteride & we have the option of introducing finasteride even now, which can help in further sustenance of the results. It may not have been possible to get such prolonged results had we given finasteride in the beginning itself.

Everyone these days is used to seeing the results which are finasteride boosted. In such cases, you will also consistently find a very high number of grafts being promised and results camouflaged with the help of finasteride. So that speaks volumes for the results that Satya delivers.

Hair Transplant Pre OP

Hair Transplant Post OP

15 Days Post OP

5 Months Post OP

9 Months Post OP

1 Year Post OP

2 Years Post OP

5 Years Post OP

Final Result of FUT Hair Transplant: 1800 Grafts

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