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FUT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

Grade 4 AGA
FUT 2500 grafts

FUT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

Hairline, middle portion, crown area In patients with high grades of baldness, or even in those with not so high grades of baldness, we usually see a big number of grafts being done or claimed in most cases.

This patient of our’s h taken consultations from other clinics as well. There, he had been suggested a huge number of grafts, even 5000+.

We did 2500 grafts by the FUT method. You can see an excellent coverage of the entire head including the hairline, middle portion & the crown area.

So, if you hear that the crown & front can’t be covered in one session, remember it is a propagated myth which one should not believe. In most cases by combining FUT & FUE surgeries, both crown & the front area can be covered. But the problem arises when your surgeon is not confident about FUT.

So in most cases, only FUE surgery is done which will

obviously give a limited number of grafts and not fill the entire area. They might claim any xyz number of grafts, so one has to be very careful.

Another important point we would like to highlight here is that this was an FUT surgery, which doesn’t give us the leverage to pick multi-hair grafts, unlike FUE surgery. That means the same number of grafts by FUE will give us more hair as compared to the same number of FUT grafts. So had it been FUE, it would have looked even more dense. But now the patient has a very good number of multi-hair grafts saved in the donor, which can be used later if required.

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FUT hair transplant 2500 Grafts

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