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Grade 4 AGA
Areas affected: Frontal hairline, temples, crown.
Method of Transplant: FUT
No. of Grafts: 3000

FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts

This is a case of thinning in the crown area extending to the periphery. There was also a recession of hairline in the frontal area and thinning of the temples. Crown area has always been

considered as a challenge and not everybody attempts it. Most of the people do crown area only in cases where the donor is excellent.

The Crown area has a lot of misconceptions associated with it. People say that grafts don’t survive in the crown area or it can’t be covered in a single session along with the front.  The truth is that if we do only FUE, we don’t get enough grafts to cover both front & crown areas.

So correct selection of technique & the surgeon is very important. In this patient since we were addressing the crown, temples and the hairline, we needed 3000 grafts. In this case FUT & FUE, both the methods were possible and the pros and cons were explained to the patient & final decision was left on him. We believe that knowledge is the best tool to make the correct choice.

The surgery was done in a single session by FUT and the serial pictures show improvement which is so natural and subtle that nobody can make out that a transplant has been done. The surgery had a huge impact on the self acceptance of the patient and we are really fortunate to see such a lovely transformation in his life. Our patient learnt a lot of things in this journey and we also learnt a lot about the power of positivity from him. Now that’s what we call a true transformation.

The creation of crown with the help of finasteride is simple & a lot of patients are put on 1 mg finasteride straightaway after hair transplant. In such cases the miniaturized hair present in that area improve significantly on the medicine & people think that these are transplant hair. This can be very misleading. This patient was not put on finasteride. He was only given Minoxidil 5% on alternate days.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Choose a complete clinic otherwise you will listen to all the lies, but never the truth.

Pre OP

Hair Transplant Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

3 Months Post OP

After 8 Months FUT hair transplant 3000 Grafts

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