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Grade AGA
Areas affected: Hairline, crown
Method of Transplant: FUT
No. of Grafts: 3500

FUT hair transplant 3500 Grafts

This patient had baldness in the crown area as well as recession of the hairline in the frontal region. The crown area is a very difficult area to fill with a hair transplantation procedure. The patient had an average donor area and as we know, the crown is like a black hole which consumes a lot of grafts.

In this case, we could have done a FUT as well as FUE surgery. The pros and cons of both surgeries were explained to the patient. In case of FUE, he would have got more multi-hair grafts as compared to FUT, but in that case the donor area from the unsafe zone will have to be involved.

The other option FUT, on the other hand, would have given us a good number of grafts from the permanent zone and in doing so we would have saved his donor area for future usage also. After weighing the pros and cons, the patient decided to go for FUT surgery.

It was a single day procedure and had to be performed patiently, skilfully and artistically. There is a natural whorl pattern in the crown area which has to be recreated during transplant. There can be one whorl or sometimes two whorls, as was the case in this patient. Such cases are challenging and they test the surgeon’s creative skills.

As you can see in the result, the hairline was also corrected and it looks absolutely natural. The crown area looks stunning  and even with very short hair looks very natural. The donor area is still good to extract more number of grafts either by FUT or by FUE

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Pre OP

15 Days Post OP

Post bandage - FUT hair transplant

After 9 months FUT hair transplant 3500 Grafts

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