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AGA Grade 4
Areas affected: Hairline, bitemporal recession, thinning in crown.
Method of Transplant: FUT
No. of Grafts: 3800

FUT hair transplant 3800 Grafts

This is a grade four baldness case where there was recession of the frontal hairline especially the temples as well as there was significant thinning in the crown area. As you can see the pictures were taken without shaving off the head. It is very important not to shave off, so that you get to know the actual improvement. It has always been Satya’s quest to bring out the truth.

We did 4000 grafts in this patient by FUT method as whenever we need more than 2000 to 2500 grafts, the method of choice becomes FUT. However in cases, where a lesser number of grafts are required, either FUE or FUT can be done. The entire surgery was done in one session in 6 hours, with unique Satya’s mimic nature hairline. The hairline which we give to our patients is always unique and is customized according to their personality, age, availability of donor and expectations.

What makes this case unique is that you will find complete monthly progress of the patient.

You can see in the 15 days post op picture, that the area has healed nicely and hair have already started growing.

In two month’s pictures, you can see most of the hair have fallen due to the shedding phase.

Early growth can be seen at the end of three months and in subsequent months you can see gradual improvement in the hair growth.

At every point of time, the hair look absolutely natural and it is impossible to make out that a hair transplantation surgery has been performed. The patient achieved almost full density by the end of eight months.

The scar at the back of head is undetectable because of the finest closure technique called Trichophytic closure. Patients are made to be scared of the FUT scar by FUE alone clinics. Actually, its done to divert your attention from the importance of this technique in complete usage of your donor and their own incompetence in performing FUT.

FUT is a proper surgical technique which needs years of training, surgical skills, trained team of technicians, operating microscopes & it does not work on a franchise model.

We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of his journey and it gives us immense pleasure to see the transformation in his life not only at the level of physical looks but also at spiritual level.

Hair transplantation can really transform your life by 360 degrees. Often people forget about the soul level transformations it can bring in your life.

Dr Shaiil Gupta is a subconscious healer and a life coach, which adds a totally new dimension to the art of hair transplantation.

Pre OP

3 Months Post OP

5 Months Post OP

7 Months Post OP

Final Result FUT hair transplant 3800 Grafts

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