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Areas affected: Frontal hairline
Method: FUT
Grafts done: 500

FUT hair transplant 500 Grafts

Hair transplantation is a very popular treatment and even a lot of females are opting for this. This patient had a broad forehead which she wanted to cover so she got a hair transplant done at some other clinic by FUE method.

As in case of males, even in female hair transplant you need to have artistic skills and imagination to create natural looking hairlines.

As we can see in the pictures, there were two major concerns of this patient. First the density wasn’t good, second the shape of the hairline looked very unnatural.

We feel that as most of the hair transplant surgeries are being done in male patients, people have less knowledge, skills and imagination to create beautiful natural looking female hairlines.

In this patient repair was done by doing 500 FUT surgery. Small number of grafts were required to fill the gaps.

Since one FUE surgery had been done, we opted for FUT. In repair cases, the angles of existing hair change in the donor area leading to higher transection rates in subsequent FUE surgeries. If you have got an FUE surgery done earlier and you are considering repair hair transplant, go through our videos on YouTube and other social media platforms regarding this very important point. You may also contact us to know the details.

We did just 500 grafts, it was done without shaving off the head and grafts were placed between the existing hair. Merging new grafts with the pre existing ones which had wrong angles and shape is really very challenging and needs skills and imagination. But that is what Satya is known for. You can see the result where the hairline looks more subtle, graded and natural. Satya mimic nature hairline is the key to these beautiful artworks. Patient was really happy & wished she had come to us earlier before the


first surgery.

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