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FUT+FUE transplant 2300+1500 Grafts

Repair Transplant
Areas affected: Hairline, front, middle and crown
Method of Transplant: 2300 FUT scalp, 1500 FUE beard
No. of Grafts: 3800

FUT+FUE transplant 2300+1500 Grafts

This patient had undergone a hair transplant procedure earlier before coming to us. He wasn’t happy with the results as the growth was poor and results were unnatural.

He had spent a good sum of money plus his faith and time in his previous procedure. The previous surgery was all FUE surgery and almost 4500 grafts were promised to the patient.

After a thorough assessment, we mutually decided to go for a combination of FUT surgery from the scalp and FUE surgery from the beard. Mostly it’s a combination of these two types of surgeries which we prefer in a patient who has earlier undergone FUE surgery.

The shape of the hairline was not very good and the patient also wanted to reshape his hairline. Reshaping is an art, a skill somebody can master only after years of experience and hard work.

The 15 days post-op pictures show the way grafts were planted and how beautiful the donor area healed. In subsequent month pictures, you will find gradual improvement and at 5 months the area seems almost completely filled. It was an amazing result and we believe it was possible only because of the patient’s faith in us.

A problem with repair cases is whenever they have got an FUE surgery in the past, most of the multi-hair grafts have been consumed in the first surgery itself because of cherry picking of such grafts. So, mostly single unit grafts are left for us to utilize in a repair hair transplant.

That is why we always emphasize education and knowledge. We know hair loss may continue even after hair transplantation, so one has to plan this journey accordingly. And your clinic, your surgeon has to participate in this honestly keeping your future in mind.

Almost 70% of the cases which are coming to us these days are coming for repair hair transplant and more or less in all the patients it is the same old story where they didn’t pay attention to the basic facts and were befooled by either branding or celebrity endorsements.

We always emphasize the importance of education and knowledge for choosing a correct hair transplant option for yourself. That is the reason why we have made so many educational videos which are there on our social media platforms.

Every repair hair transplant case is a new challenge of its own kind. Usually the morale of these patients is really low so they need proper counseling. We know the importance of understanding their needs, their concerns, their fears and their dreams.

Our counselors and doctors try to ensure that nothing is left untouched and we understand you completely. On the same note, it is also very important to make sure that you are given the true picture so that you can have realistic expectations. You really need to understand that every donor is not the same. In repair cases the donor is anyway depleted.

We wish we could have done this case in the first go itself. We wish the same for all of our repair hair transplant cases. The kind of donor hair this patient had, we could have done wonders had we operated on him in the first go. So please make sure that you choose your hair transplantation method, clinic and surgeon thoughtfully without having any fear or doubts in your mind. Always choose a complete hair transplant clinic & surgeon to ensure correct guidance & perfect results.

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