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Repair hair transplant
Hairline, temples

Hairline correction 1000 FUE

Mr Varun had undergone a FUE hair transplant surgery elsewhere and his hairline was looking very unnatural. The density in some areas was also a matter of concern for him as he had been promised a very high number of grafts.

He had an excellent donor area with very thick donor hair. We have to be very careful in patients with thick hair while working in the hairline area.

We have seen this practice consistently in our repair cases. The patients are promised a very high number of grafts. So please beware and don’t fall prey to such misinformation.That is why evaluation by an honest surgeon is so important.

Another important point to keep in mind is that both FUT and FUE are good methods and the final choice should be made after discussing at a clinic where both techniques are done to know the truth and make an informed decision.

Patient did not want to shave off his head. Such surgeries are difficult and take a lot of time. We did the surgery by FUT method and the patient was fit to resume his duty the very next day. You can see in the follow up pictures that the hairline looks more fuller & softer than before. The gaps behind the hairline have also filled that too with a very small number of 1000 FUT grafts.

Though in this case we would have loved to do a lot of extraction work from the temple areas, but the patient was scared because of his experience in the previous surgery & he had concerns about the scarring as well. So we did extraction only from the angles of temples & a little bit from the hairline.

It all healed nicely & gave the patient a satisfactory result.

Patient was happy and developed confidence to undergo another surgery for extraction from the temples.

So we did the second repair surgery. You can see a nice healing & a much better looking temple area now.

The patient is very happy & has the freedom to style his hair now.

Another concern of this patient was the scar of FUT surgery. Because of trichophytic closure the scar was hardly visible. The beard area also healed without any scarring. In case we need more grafts in future, there is still an option of another FUT surgery from the scalp.

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Final hairline correction 1000 FUE

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