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Long Hair Transplant

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Long Hair Transplant

This patient was just 18 years of age and had already undergone two hair transplantation procedures before coming to us.

We always emphasize the importance of the correct age for hair transplantation. Even if you undergo hair transplantation surgery at a young age, there are some mistakes which you can never afford to make otherwise you repent this decision for your whole life.

It is really important to educate yourself with the correct information but with current commercially biased information on the internet, sometimes it becomes almost impossible to make a right decision.

In a young patient, the hairline has to be designed in such a way that we don’t use a lot of grafts in making it too low. It is our duty to make the patient realize that considering the unpredictability of future progression of baldness, he has to be conservative in using his donor bank.

This patient had undergone two FUE surgeries and if you see the donor, it was completely devastated.

The shape of hairline was unnatural & awkward; also there was a gap just behind the transplanted hair because of recession of existing hair.

We always tell our patients that the results of hair transplantation procedures are not permanent. This can be because of thinning of existing hair and even the transplanted hair may thin out over a period of time.

It happened with this patient at a very young age and now the gaps looked bad and needed to be filled.

But looking at his Donor it seems impossible to extract any graft whatsoever from the donor.

There were three major concerns that this patient had:

  1. There were gaps just behind the transplanted hair.
  2. Depleted scalp donor area; lack of donor body hair or beard hair.
  3. Unnatural looking hairline.

Another issue was that his sister’s marriage was coming up in 14 days.

We decided to do a long hair transplant in this patient which is done by FUT technique. The area from where hair is taken is not shaved off, the hair are separated and implanted with a full length of hair.

We took out two strips of 200 grafts each from back of the scalp near the posterior hairline.

The patient was having short hair only so whatever length was available, we utilised that.

You can see in the immediate post op pictures the area seems covered nicely and there is no gap between the transplanted hair and the existing ones.

In the donor area even in immediate post op pictures, stitches are barely visible.

15 days later the patient came for removal of stitches. We can see the area was covered nicely.

In case this patient shows thinning of hair in future, we will not be having any Donor to take care of it.


And if you take a look at his hair in the Crown area, you can just imagine the kind of donor density he must be having before his first surgery.

It was so unfortunate that this patient fell prey to misinformation, poor research and many propagated myths on the internet.

We wish to have met this patient earlier, before this disaster happened. Almost 70% of the cases coming to us are for repair hair transplant and

they have similar kinds of tragic stories.

Even in high grades of baldness people propagate myths about just one type of surgery as a final solution. Forget about grade 7 baldness, FUE is sometimes not even good for grade 3 as we saw in this patient.

Choice of method should always be decided based on the patient’s needs, it should never be done for the sake of convenience of the surgeon.

So, ideally your surgeon should be competent and confident in performing both FUT and FUE surgeries.

Choosing an incomplete clinic can land you in trouble, always choose a complete surgeon and a complete clinic.


In most of these cases ( this happened in this case also), doctors put the patient on finasteride 1 mg, immediately after the hair transplant. This makes the existing hair thicker, gives more area coverage even in areas where not even a single hair is implanted. This also adds on the density & the hairline aesthetics. But can lead to severe withdrawal and rebound hair loss, which can be devastating.

Sadly, most patients don’t know all this & are easily influenced by finasteride boosted results, taking them as real hair transplant results.

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Long Hair Transplant

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