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Repair HT 1500 beard FUE + 2800 FUT

Areas affected: Front, Temples, middle part and crown
Method: MHT (FUT+ FUE)
Grafts done: 4300

Repair HT 1500 beard FUE + 2800 FUT

This patient had come to us after getting a hair transplantation surgery done at some other center a year back. Like most of the repair transplant cases which are coming to us these days, this patient had undergone an FUE surgery earlier.

He wasn’t really happy with the results for obvious reasons. The shape of the  hairline, unattempted temples, an attempted crown, wrong angle of hair and poor density were his major concerns.

We always emphasize the importance of knowledge and education before you choose the method and your surgeon. That is the reason we have educational videos covering almost all the topics which you need to know about hair transplantation on our youtube channel.

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After getting such a poor hair transplant result, this patient had a lot of doubts regarding the success of hair transplantation surgery in his case. He got motivated by one of our patients for whom we had done repair hair transplant surgery earlier. He saw that patient’s result on our YouTube video and website.

When he came for consultation, he had thousands of doubts in his mind all of which were answered to his satisfaction. We always tell our patients to get the surgery done at a place only when you are hundred percent convinced and you have full faith in our ability. This is exactly what this patient did.

As you can see, the donor area was depleted because of a previous failed surgery. We did a FUT surgery from the scalp donor and took out some FUE grafts also from there. We had to opt for additional beard FUE grafts for him.

Repair cases are always challenging because there is a lot of fibrosis in the recipient and donor area because of previous surgery. To deal with such cases you need years of experience, skills, commitment, hard work and above all honesty.

Some of the wrongly placed grafts were also extracted by the FUE method. It was a very challenging task to merge new hair with the existing transplanted hair as the angles of previously transplanted hair were wayward.

We took this challenge and we believe that challenges help to raise one’s consciousness levels. Perhaps that is the reason why Satya clinic is the world’s number one repair hair transplant clinic. The 15 days post-op pictures show the placement of grafts, see how beautiful the hairline looks now.

We had limited number of grafts and almost all the multi-hair grafts had been used in his previous surgery. Depleted donor is a challenge which we face in every repair transplant case.

When you have less number of grafts the placement of these grafts becomes really important and the graft survival rate obviously is another important concern.

Satya is No. 1 repair hair transplant clinic in the world.

He met Dr Shail Gupta and life took a beautiful turn here for the patient.

Satya stands for truth & you get truthful results here.

That is the exact reason why the kind of results you get at Satya, you don’t get at any other clinic with those many grafts. The results which Satya can give you in 2000 grafts, many other clinics won’t be able to give you even in double the number. Another important reason for this is that many clinics over-promise the number of grafts. They tell an impossible number of grafts and since everybody is telling the same, people tend to believe it.

Five months post-op pictures of this patient show a tremendous and beautiful transformation. We believe it is the faith which the patient had in us and we had in our abilities, that did the magic. Look at the beautiful hairline & the beautifully created temples. It is Satya’s mimic nature hairline which we believe no science or mathematical numbers can produce. It is totally up to the creative skills of the surgeon and the beauty which lies in the surgeon’s heart.

The density looks amazing even at 5 months, which is obviously going to improve further. There were some areas which were not attempted or where we placed very less number of grafts as you can see in 15 days post op pictures. Hair had been planted in such a way that when the full result

came, it was able to cover the entire scalp strategically. We could have done more grafts, but the patient’s budget can be a constraint at times. This same result would have looked even better with more grafts. So always pay attention to the number of grafts being done in a particular case before you compare the results.

15 Days Post OP

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Repair HT 1500 beard FUE + 2800 FUT

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