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October - 8,2021

Importance of donor area for hair transplant

When it comes to a hair transplant procedure, there is a defined concept that you will come across, and it is called a donor area. If you want to undergo a hair transplant, the first thing your doctor will identify is the donor area.

Some of the most commonly used donor areas are the safe zones found around the sides and the back of your head. However, the donor areas can also vary from one individual to another. Hence, it is significant that you clearly understand the importance of the donor area while going for a hair transplant procedure. 

Typically, the best donor area is around the sides and the back of the human scalp. The reason for this is that permanent hair growth stays completely unaffected and unfazed in these areas as the hairs in these regions are essentially immune to the influence of DHT.

Several factors determine the results of the hair transplant procedure. These include the texture of extracted hair follicles, their caliber, curl, and color. The quality and finesse of the hair used for the transplant will define the outcome or result of the hair transplant procedure since the doctor is mainly working with the hair alone.  

When the back portion of the head gets selected as the primary donor area, the hair transplant expert will merely relocate the hair from that part to the bald or recipient area. A pre-operative consultation before the procedure is needed to clearly define the essential characteristics of the hair so that the hair transplant procedure is done effectively.

It is also important to note that not all donor areas are the same in terms of the hair that they can provide. While deciding on the donor site, the doctors prefer scalp hairs around the occipital area; and the adjoining temporal areas as the hairs growing in such areas are permanent.

It is important to note that the donor area is vital to the hair transplant procedure. Since there is only a limited number of donor hairs fixed for the lifetime of any individual, the surgeon or the doctor cannot afford to waste any of it.

Therefore, the hair transplant surgeon must be thoroughly aware of both FUE and FUT techniques. A doctor who only knows either FUE or FUT cannot take full advantage of the donor area. It is not possible to make the best use of the donor area by using FUT or FUE alone. Getting multiple FUE or FUT from the same donor area can cause damage to the donor area. It can cause significant wastage, and the back portion of the head can become empty. Hence, it is crucial to select the technique of hair transplant while working with the donor area.   

  To conclude, if those areas do not work out best for you, the following best donor site that the doctor will try out is the beard. It is so because the beard is resistant to DHT and is naturally thick. Hair transplant experts across the globe combine scalp hair with beard hair, even though there can be some reservations about using them. It is better to ask the expert if you have any queries regarding the procedure.

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