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July - 20,2022

India as the new Hub of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the newest trend in the buzz these days. Celebrity endorsements, increasing awareness of self-care, and societal peer pressures are some of the budding drivers for the growing hair transplant market. India is considered to have the largest hair transplant industry worldwide. International chains are seeing India as one of the potential markets for hair restoration treatment. Survey has found that Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad have a maximum number of customers for hair transplant services.

The growing awareness among people:

According to several medical directors and healthcare practitioners, nowadays, consumers are appreciating value more than cost. Hair loss is a sensitive issue affecting both genders. It has led to an increasing number of hair transplant treatments in India. People between 25-30 years of age are becoming more conscious about self-care, particularly their physical appearance. This becomes particularly compelling in young individuals entering matrimony as everyone wants to look their best at this critical time. Believe it or not, even with 1.38 billion population in India, people still give a lot of importance to the amount of hairs on the scalp before match making! 

India- the hub of hair transplant service:

Qualified medical professionals:

The Indian medical fraternity has pools of qualified professionals and surgeons known for their expertise and excellence worldwide. Gone are the days when people from western countries used to come to India to get treatment at cheaper rates. It’s the quality of work by Indian doctors which has made India into a new ever evolving medical tourism hub. Most importantly, due to the diversity of patients who visit them, they are gradually gaining more experience, excellence and confidence.

Availability of the latest technology:

Most clinics are well-equipped with advanced technologies to ensure perfect hair transplantation procedures, although the majority of clinics only perform FUE surgery. But there few very experienced surgeons who have equal mastery over both FUE and FUT techniques.

Competitive rates:

Many people consider hair transplant a necessity rather than a luxury. And India is known for being a cost-effective hub for medical facilities. So when it comes to a rising demand like hair transplantation, the country offers affordable hair transplant surgeries and treatment options. The cost is typically inclusive of medications, pre, and post-operative procedures, and doctor consultations. The cost varies from clinic to clinic depending on the current cost prevailing in that city, the expertise and years of experience of the surgeon etc.

Robotic hair transplantation:

India is well-known for its robotic hair transplantation techniques. The method implies hair transplant with the help of automated robotic devices under the surveillance of surgeons A robotic hair transplantation system is fast, automatic, safe, result-oriented, and least invasive, although it does have its own limitations and cannot be compared to the manual work done by a skilled surgeon. Hair Transplant industry is expected to further reach new heights in India with more and more patients facing hair loss issues are coming forward for transplant.

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