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July - 28,2021

Difference Between FUT & FUE Hair Transplant

When somebody decides to undergo a hair transplant surgery, this question comes to the mind of a lot of people. But these days there are many people who have already decided that they know everything as all the research which they probably did, was leading them to that particular surgery as everyone was telling that this is the best.

We hereby would take the opportunity to tell you that for a good hair transplant surgeon both FUT & FUE are like his children. He would love both the techniques equally. Make both of them your trusted & reliable partner in the happy journey of hair restoration.

In a high grade of baldness, or even in early grades of baldness, in case of progressive baldness, one has to make use of Both the techniques. One technique alone will not solve the purpose. 

Important Aspect of Taking Decision for FUE & FUT

  • Donor area: As we know we are born with a limited & fixed donor. That is your asset which is more important than money. a bald person would like to make the maximum use of his available donor area. It is not possible to use the entire donor area with one method alone. It has to be a combination of FUT & FUE. Even if your current requirement can be met, it doesn’t mean that you might not need it in next coming years. So judicious use of donor can only be ensured by a surgeon who is competent & confident with both the techniques & with years of experience & an intent to help.
  • No. of grafts: Generally FUT surgery gives us a good chunk of grafts from a small area without compromising the donor density. For the same number of grafts by FUE,  we might need to involve the unsafe donor zone, if the required number is high. Generally people who come to us for repair hair transplant, they quote a very high number of grafts which is not possible & obviously which is not showing in their results as well. The number of grafts which we can take out by FUE in most of the asian cases with good density is 2500- 3000 (this is on the higher side) in many cases even that number is also not possible. The density in the donor area is also compromised in case of FUE, which is not disturbed at all in case of FUT.
  • Scarring of donor: Scarring is also a major concern for people & a lot of myths have been propagated. As far as FUT surgery is concerned scar is a major issue, but because of trichophytic closure technique the scar is very minimal & barely visible. Even with very short hairstyle in most of the cases the scar is not visible. People also think that FUE is a scarless surgery which again is a myth. There are many dotted scars in the donor area after FUE, so when you keep very short hair they can be visible & most of the times more visible than FUT scar. Even if the scar of FUT is visible, we can put some FUE grafts in it & hide it completely. Scalp micro pigmentation is also one of the options to cover the scar.
  • Density: Which method gives more density, FUE or FUT. This is one of the commonest questions which people ask. FUE surgery gives us option to choose multi grafts, where we can cherrypick grafts with more number of hair in it. This is not possible in case of FUT. In FUT we cut a strip and whatever is present in that area, comes out.
  • Pain: Many people think that FUT is a big surgery & it would pain a lot. So let us tell you that intra op pain in FUT is much less as compared to FUE, because we have to make a very small area numb in FUT & the procedure is also of 40-50 minutes


So for the same number of grafts in case of FUE we get more hair than FUT. For example if we are doing 2000 grafts by FUE, due to cherry picking the multiplication factor in FUE would be somewhere around 2.5, which means 5000 hair. For the same number of grafts in case of FUT the multiplication factor would be somewhere around 1.5, which means for 2000 grafts we will be getting around 3000 hair. So the comparison between the results of FUE & FUT would be unfair & misleading. 

There are still a lot of multi grafts are left in the donor of FUT, because that area is untouched, which means we can use these grafts later when required. This calculation will be reversed in case of 2nd FUE being done from the same donor area.

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