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July - 22,2021

Best Long Hair Transplant in Delhi | Cost, Benefits

Social downtime has always been an issue with hair transplantation. This prevents a lot of people from getting a hair transplantation done. People have to resume their activities as soon as possible, but sometimes because of hair transplantation they are unable to do so. So in such cases Long Hair transplantation can be very useful.

Best Long Hair Transplant Clinic

This is an innovative technique, where Long Hair are taken from the back of head from the donor area and they are implanted directly in their full length on the bald sites. This technique requires a lot of skill and years of experience. While doing long hair transplant one has to be very careful of not damaging the roots during implantation.

Long hair transplant is possible with FUT technique where the strip is taken out with long hair and it is dissected under microscope into follicular units. These follicular units are implanted again under magnification in the bald sites merging them well with the existing hair in that area.

This is very important specially in female patients who can’t afford any type of social downtime. Nothing is visible in the donor area from day one of surgery. Nothing is visible in the recipient area from day one of surgery. Patient can Resume his or her activities from the very next day.

Long Hair Transplant with FUE Technique

Long hair transplant cannot be done with FUE technique. In this technique only the donor area can be shaved in a step ladder pattern so that nothing is visible at the back of head but at the recipient site only short hair are implanted. Some people spread myths about this technique being done with FUE which is just not possible.

This technique is specially important in people who have some important function coming up in their family in short course of time and you cannot wait for natural hair transplant results to come in over next few months. However these hair also follow the shedding face and fall in 3 to 4 weeks time and come back again once the shedding phase is over. But during these 3 to 4 weeks patient has head full of hair and can attend his or her function confidently. This technique requires a lot of experience and Satya is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, India with almost 20 years of experience in this technique of long hair transplant.

There is another technique called synthetic hair implants, which can solve the same purpose and gives you instant hair which have length of around 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm. Satya Clinic is a pioneer in synthetic hair implant and long hair transplant techniques and has done maximum number of synthetic hair implants in the world.

Dr Shaiil Gupta has vast experience in doing both FUT and FUE surgeries including long hair transplant and synthetic hair implants as well. These techniques come very handy while dealing with repair hair transplant cases.

Comparison of results

While comparing results of hair transplant, you might be comparing the grade of baldness & the number of grafts. But that is insufficient & can be very misleading. There are few important facts which you might not be knowing or which nobody is gonna tell you. But if you miss out on these, you will be in trouble. The purpose of telling you all this is to make you more aware of the finer details of hair transplant & care.

  • The method: Same number of grafts in case of FUE will give you more density than FUT. This is because FUE gives us chance to pick more multi-grafts, which is obviously not the case in FUT. Moreover the grafts in FUE are thinner and have less fat tissue. So it is easier to place them more close. So 2000 grafts of FUE might have approximately 5000+ hair follicles in it, while the same number of FUT might only have 3000 hair follicles in it. This calculation will be reversed in case of 2nd FUE being done from the same donor area.
  • Post transplant medication: one has to pay attention to the fact that most of the clinics are giving finasteride 1 mg per day & minoxidil 5% lotion twice a day, to all their hair transplant patients. These medicines improve the existing miniaturised hair (which might not be even visible to naked eyes). Improvement in these hair makes the hair transplant result look very dense. The credit goes to the hair transplant surgeon. This can sometimes lead to a false impression and a fake hope. One should be aware of this. Post op medications are important, but have issues like side effects & tolerance. One single policy is not going to work for everyone, at least not for a long period of time.
  • Photography tricks: one should pay attention to the photography, lighting & other minute tricks, which you might not be aware of. for example if you see a lot of cases which are shown to you, in the pre pictures the head is usually shaved off. This creates a false impression of fullness of result. The thickness of donor hair is also very important criterion. Hair transplant results are generally shown in cases, who have very thick donor hair. Not everybody has similar donor. We show you cases with even thin donor hair.

This is just tip of the iceberg, there are very minute details, which you should be aware of. So in most of the cases in our gallery, you will find a detailed summary of the case, so that you pay attention to the finer details behind the work.

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