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July - 27,2021

MHT (Maximum Harvest Technique) for Hair Transplant

MHT (Maximum Harvest Technique) for Hair Transplant

MHT is maximum harvest technique, which is precisely and meticulously crafted to get the maximum, out of your hair transplant. As we know we all have limited donor area & baldness can be high or low grade & can even be progressive. 

So one has to use the donor carefully. We can tell you this with more authority as almost 60-70% cases come to us for repair hair transplant & there is a reason behind this. If one has to make the maximum use of his donor, he has to do a combination surgery or if the current need can be met with only one type of surgery, some time later when 2nd transplant is needed, the other type of surgery has to come into picture.

With FUT alone we can’t extract grafts from the entire donor area of scalp or other body parts also. With FUE alone we can’t take out all the grafts present in that area, as we have leave a good no. of grafts in that area otherwise it will become completely bald.

A true surgeon, who loves his work & really cares about his patients, would like to give the best to his patients. That is why it is very important to choose a complete clinic & complete surgeon. One has to be careful regarding this, as the doctor should have enough experience of doing both types of surgeries.

Advantages of MHT

  1. MHT allows us to plan the surgery keeping future in mind.
  2. We are not consuming the entire donor area in one go.
  3. The donor density is not compromised.
  4. Maximum grafts are taken from the safe donor zone, so the results stay longer.
  5. Minimal wastage of donor area, as the transection rate of 2nd FUE, done from the same donor area is very high. Which can lead to a lot of wastage of the donor.
  6. In case you need more grafts in future, you will still be having good number of multi grafts left, as in case of FUE alone we are consuming majorly all the present multi grafts.

Post OP Care or Maintenance of Results

It is not just about getting a dream result, but more importantly sustenance part which is often ignored. Learn from us. Learn from our 20 years of experience. Learn from thousands of patients who got their bad hair transplants fixed at Satya.

One should know the fact that hair transplant results are not permanent & you need a lot of efforts to sustain your transplant results. Inappropriate & unplanned use of your resources, which include medicines, PRP and your donor area for transplant, can lead to a lot of trouble, which you can easily avoid if you pay attention now.

You may keep on loosing your existing hair, even after a hair transplant surgery. Though the transplanted hair are relatively permanent & stay longer than the non transplanted ones, but they can also thin out significantly over a period of time, especially in a patient who has very high activity of DHT.

Choosing Satya means, peace of mind and an assurance that you are being taken care of. Unlike other clinics where you get a lot of medicines & PRPs post transplant without any thought or a long term goal, post transplant medications are meticulously planned at Satya, after an in-depth discussion with the patient.

One thing is for sure that one formula doesn’t work for all. Doctor has to be attentive, receptive, curious, kind, flexible, honest & interested in your concerns.

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