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July - 18,2021

Post Operative Care or Maintenance of Results

It is not just about getting a dream result, but more importantly sustenance part which is often ignored. 

Learn from us. Learn from our 20 years of experience. Learn from thousands of patients who got their bad hair transplants fixed at Satya.

One should know the fact that hair transplant results are not permanent & you need a lot of efforts to sustain your transplant results. Inappropriate & unplanned use of your resources, which include medicines, PRP and your donor area for transplant, can lead to a lot of trouble, which you can easily avoid if you pay attention now. 

You may keep on loosing your existing hair, even after a hair transplant surgery. Though the transplanted hair are relatively permanent & stay longer than the non transplanted ones, but they can also thin out significantly over a period of time, especially in a patient who has very high activity of DHT.

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