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September - 23,2022

Low Hairline after transplant – Boon or Bane?

Hair Transplant does not just give you back your lost hair and hairline but it also restores your confidence both physically and emotionally. When it comes to our personality and aesthetic appearance, we all have certain aspirations and deep rooted expectations which we want to fulfill once we decide to go ahead with our transplant.

Hairline designing is the key step in planning your hair transplant. The first question asked at the time of the hairline designing, is the level at which you wish your hairline to be. More often than not, we have set in our mind the images of some of our celebrity idols, and sometimes we can’t get over the way our hairs looked when we were young. These favoured biases then force you to opt for a lower hairline.

A lot of things have to be considered before creating a hairline. It should not be made to please anyone, but instead created keeping long term interests of the patients in mind. Patients age, availability of donor, alternate donor area, patient’s own choice, everything matters.

Ideally your hairline should be designed based on your age, facial features, grade of baldness, availability of donor, alternate donor area, progression of disease and above all . It is not a rat race for density or coverage or lowest possible hairline. 

It is high time when people should now realize that even if the donor is available and the grade of baldness is relatively early, then also we should not bring the hairline too low at a young age as the progression of disease is quite unpredictable. It becomes particularly relevant when the patient is in early 20’s because there is a probability of further thinning and recession of hairline. Infact in some cases, we don’t even focus on creating concentrated sharp hairlines, which would consume a big chunk of grafts &leave no donor for future use.

Another important point that you should notice while comparing the transplant results in the context of hairline at different centres, is whether those results are produced by combining transplant with medicine or by transplant alone. As we all know, there are a lot of miniaturised hair present even in the receded hairline. Finasteride has the potential to grow these miniaturised hair resulting in lot of softer hair and thereby improving the overall hairline aesthetics and density. So if a XYZ clinic is administering finasteride along with transplant, then obviously  the hairline would look much softer, denser and aesthetically more tempting, but again all the credit would be given to the transplant surgeon.

So basically when it comes to hairline designing, you will come across two types of clinics as stated below:

1. Attention seeking clinic looking for one short glory: They will give you a hairline at your desired level, however low it is, by investing all the precious donor in it and leaving nothing for the future. Remaining area other than the hairline is left to the mercy of medicine. Later on when and if the patient stops medicine, thinning happens in the area behind the transplanted area and the patient can actually ends up in an awkward situation, where he has thick dense transplanted hair in the front like a band and then huge gaps behind it with no donor left to cover it.It will set your expectations miles apart from reality.

2. Authentic clinic looking out for your long term interest: This clinic will plan for the most appropriate judicious use of your donor, distribution of the grafts and level of the hairline. It would convince you for a hairline that’s aesthetically pleasing, age appropriate and at the same time sustainable for a very long time. It will try to bridge the gap between your expectations and reality.

Patients usually consider the level of hairline as the sole denominator defining hairline aesthetics. But in reality a beautiful hairline requires not just good density but also artistic placement of grafts at a particular angle thereby looking both dense and natural. Over the past 20 years, Satya has been a consistent pioneer in giving its patients a “Mimic nature hairlineTM”.

Last but not the least, plan your hair line only after proper discussion with your doctor regarding the sustenance of the hairline and the requirement of medicine to maintain it. Do not fall prey to the false boasting claims of clinics which are looking just for business and marketing.

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