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Beard Hair Transplant in Delhi, India

The practice of growing facial hair has become increasingly popular. A thick and fashionable beard hair transplant is present in nearly ninety percent of Indian men. Only those who lack sufficient beard or whose workplace demands them to be clean-shaven maintain the clean look these days. Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, and Fawad Khan in particular have become fashion role models for young people. Everyone aspires to maintain a fashionable, well-groomed beard. Men begin growing beards at the very young age of 17, the moment they leave school. Growing a perfectly shaped and fashionable beard is equally important to styling a beard just as much as keeping it intact.

Young adults are sometimes in a hurry to get a beard. Due to some medical or genetic issues, hair growth could be slow and hence facial hair growth is not seen at the correct age. One should always consult a dermatologist to rule out any underlying hormonal imbalance. In many such cases, only medicines can prove to be beneficial and help in beard growth. Patients who are unable to grow a beard seek various ways to develop a full, natural beard. This is one of the causes for the growing interest that people are showing in beard hair transplant today.

Things to look for before Planning for a Beard Hair Transplant

  • A person should be more than 20 to 25 years of age.
  • The presence of any other alopecia should be ruled out.
  • Donor hair at the scalp area should be healthy.
  • Beard density & hairline of the beard should be mutually decided.

Beard Transplant – Procedure, Results & Cost in India

Beard hair transplant in Delhi is an artistic work that can be only done by an experienced and skillful hair transplant surgeon. The angles of the existing hair should be understood properly and according to that only, new angles should be created so that the transplanted hair grows in an absolutely natural pattern. The shape of the beard is a very crucial point to be taken into consideration. The patient’s expectations should be understood and then a mutual hairline should be de-signed that would suit his/her facial symmetry and style. Beard transplant is not easy, until and unless done by an artistic surgeon.

Select your transplant surgeon carefully so that the goal of getting a beard transplant succeeds because a beard hair transplant involves a sophisticated combination of surgical skills and experience. Beard hair reconstruction can also be combined with mustache hair reconstruction to give a more fuller and symmetrical appearance. Scars present in the beard or mustache can also be filled successfully by a small session of hair transplant.

Beard Hair Transplant in Delhi

Beard hair transplant in Delhi seems to be the best option for guys struggling with irregular growth of beard hair. The reason for choosing Beard hair transplant in Delhi are:

  • Good and affordable medical packages and facilities
  • Internationally certified and highly qualified doctors and surgeons
  • Clinics equipped with the latest advanced technologies with instruments imported from countries like Germany, U.K., etc

A team of highly qualified and experienced doctors makes Delhi the best place for beard hair transplant. The procedure used for Beard hair transplant is almost identical to any standard hair transplant procedure. The steps involved are:

  • The first step involves booking an appointment with a trustworthy and experienced surgeon. The surgeon chooses the transplant procedure that fits well keeping in mind your health conditions
  • After selecting the procedure, the doctor will give you the date of surgery and recommend some precautions that you would follow before surgery. These include:
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol before surgery
  • Taking vitamin C tablets can be helpful in the  healing process
  • On the day of surgery, your scalp is shaven from the donor area. The back of your head can be taken as the donor site from where hair follicles will be taken. The hair growth is thickest in this region. The surgeon then gives an anesthetic injection to numb that area to start the extraction of grafts.
  • Following harvesting, local anesthetic is also administered into the facial region where the grafts will be inserted.
  • The grafts are placed carefully in the beard area taking care to maintain proper aesthetics.

Beard hair transplant can be performed in two ways

FUE beard hair transplant: During this process, graft extraction from the scalp donor is done using the FUE hair transplant technique and then implanted.

FUT beard hair transplant: In this method, FUT hair transplant or strip harvesting is done from the scalp donor.

Recovery After Surgery

  • The post-operative period may involve some amount of pain, swelling and limitation of jaw movement.
  • After surgery, the results are expected to come within 6-12 months

Beard Hair Transplant Risks

  • Some risks of beard hair transplant need to be kept in mind while planning for transplant.
  • Swelling and redness might be observed in the transplanted area for 7-10 days.
  • Some scars and bruises can be seen after surgery
  • Numbness
  • Cobble-stoning, ingrown hair & wrong angles of graft placement by incompetent surgeons can also lead to disastrous result.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi

Beard hair transplant cost in Delhi may vary depending upon a number of factors.

Beard hair transplant cost in Delhi differs from clinic to clinic

It may depend on the infrastructure and place of location

The number of grafts used during the treatment

The surgeon doing the treatment also influences the beard hair transplant cost.

The beard hair transplant cost in Delhi range from INR 50,000 to INR 4,00,000 based on the number of grafts and surgery type.

Generally, a full beard hair transplant needs 900 to 1200 grafts. The cost of a single graft varies from Rs 40 to Rs 120  (Cost can vary as per the clinic).

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FUE beard transplant 900 Grafts

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