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FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

Satya Hair Solutions is a famous FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. For people who are losing hair, every single hair counts, hair is an important part of the way we look. Due to hair loss, you start looking like an old person, this can reduce your confidence.

FUE Hair transplant is a surgical procedure aimed at treating hair loss and baldness. During the procedure, hair follicles are extracted from a donor area (usually the back or sides of the head) where hair growth is healthy and resistant to balding. The recipient area, or the area of the scalp where hair loss or thinning is occurring, is where these harvested hair follicles are then transplanted.

What are FUE Hair Transplant Technology and FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE (Folliculor Unit Extraction) developed from earlier hair transplant methods such as punch hair transplant and (FUT) hair transplant. This method was developed in 1950 by Dr. Orentreich. FUE was developed, aiming to achieve hair restoration with less scarring and for a natural hair look.

FUE hair transplant in Delhi is a method that does not show much the scars of the donor area. Many people who have hair fall problems use this treatment as an option. People want their hair to seem natural and their hair transplants to be invisible. The donor area’s hair follicles are removed in such a way that they are completely disguised by the remainder of the hair. For those with minimal head hair loss, FUE is possibly a good procedure. Because they have to get a small amount of hair.
In FUE, the donor density decreases. The advantages listed below apply when choosing FUT. In this technique, hair is not shaved, Greater amounts of fat around the graft and a higher number of grafts can be removed, and greater acceptance of the graft. In this, only the strips donor is used, it does not affect the rest of the donor region.

FUE hair transplant in Delhi is a method in which hair is removed from a healthy part of the body and grafted onto the bald spot. In this method, hair is extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the area where there is a lack of hair. This helps the hair to density and look natural. In this technique it is not necessary to completely shave the donor area. Some grafts are removed using the FUE technique. The hair is removed from the donor area in such a way that the scar is completely sealed in the remaining hair. Satya is the best FUE hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Satya has given confidence to 2500+ people with successful hair transplant treatment by FUE hair treatment. They are satisfied patient by FUE hair transplant before and after result.

Features of Satya’s technique of FUE Hair Transplant

  • Specially designed titanium Punches and Egro-metric motorized machine for Extraction of graft by Satya Clinic. This lowers the graft infection rate and makes FUE hair transplant surgery faster.
  • The punches used in FUE hair treatments are 0.7 to 1.0 mm in size, allowing for faster healing in the donor area.
  • Smooth and Pain-Free Surgery: Satya’s specially designed Painless anesthesia Technology makes surgery smooth and painless. The period after the operation is very comfortable.
  • We provide FUE hair treatment for hair fall which apart from hair surgery can also reduce and establish hair regrowth.
    In Satya clinic the donor area is not shaved in everyone, the week is to cut the hair short. We can also perform FUE hair transplants in ways that leave your donor area covered with hair.
  • Satya has to date more than 2500 successful FUE hair transplant cases and successful grafting of more than 3.5 million hairs.

Advantage of FUE Transplant

  • In FUE hair transplant in Delhi, the healing is fast in the donor area as compared to FUT strip surgery. Within a week the crusts fall & after that, it is really difficult to make out from where the grafts were taken.
  • For patients who don’t have a good donor area at the back side of the head for FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi, India. We can use body hair or beard hair as donors.
  • The post-post-operation period is very comfortable in FUE. The patient can resume his/her routine activities from the very next day. A vigorous exercise schedule can also be resumed after 1 week.
  • No major scar formation in FUE hair transplant

Disadvantages FUE Hair Transplant

The biggest problem we see these days is the promotion of just FUE or only FUE surgery. Many centers these days are doing only FUE surgeries & nothing else. Most of these people say that FUE is the best method which is why we don’t do FUT or any other surgery. This is a wrong representation of facts. The only difference in both techniques is the method of extraction. FUE alone doesn’t give us a large number of grafts from the head alone.

At times we have seen people who do FUE hair transplants alone, harvesting grafts from the nonpermanent donor zone (non-permanent donor zone is the area of the head above the permanent zone at the back of the head, from where the patient can lose hair in case the thinning of hair persists). Such grafts are likely to fall later on from the transplanted sites also.

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FUE BEARD transplant 1500 Grafts

FUE beard transplant 2000 Grafts

FUE hair transplant 2500 Grafts

FUE hair transplant 900 Grafts

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