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Hair weaving treatment

For those patients, who are not comfortable to opt any of the above procedures due to their skin conditions or any other reason, hair weaving Treatment is an effective and safe option for them. Satya has attained expertise in offering high end hair weaving solutions that cover large areas of hair loss in no time with patches of hairs that bear a resemblance to your existing natural hairs.

This nonsurgical method includes the fixing of patches into your scalp and merging them well with the existing hair. It can be professionally pasted using glue or clips on to your scalp. Although it is only a wig, but it looks so natural that no one can point it out.

Some patients think that hair transplantation and hair weaving are the same. But in actual, they are completely different as in transplantation you have permanent growing hairs that can be easily cut or shorten. On the other hand, hair weaving is only a kind of wig that is pasted on your scalp. It provides you with the similar or fixed look with an artificial feeling.

Hair Weaving Treatment

Hair weaving means the addition of hair to cover baldness or adding hair to one’s natural hair. The added hair can be human or synthetic. Human hair is obtained from hair cut from other individuals and then they are processed and marked. Hair weave is commonly used for baldness of different stages, but sometimes it remains the only solution. Satya Clinic is a leading Hair Weaving clinic in Delhi offers various hair wearing types like netting, fusion, bonding, tracking, lace extensions and micro braiding. You can select the hair type and style as per your own choice and preference and the hair type that suits you the best.

Advantages of hair weaving:

  • Large areas can be covered easily
  • Painless, can be done in an hour’s time.
  • Can be done in patients who have almost no donor area left.
  • Costs less.
  • Good quality weaving looks very natural

Disadvantages of hair weaving:

  • Gives a fixed look.
  • Hair don’t grow in length.

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