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September - 28,2022

Why is Satya Hair Clinic a prime destination for Hair Transplant in India?

A significant part of how we look depends upon how we style our hair. However, what if the hair is no longer there? Androgenetic alopecia Or male pattern baldness, hair loss is a progressive condition, the pace and the severity may vary from person to person. Hair loss doesn’t only affect the look of a person but also shatters their confidence. Now there is an option for Hair Transplant in India.

Hair Transplant in India

It is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting hair grafts from a relatively stable donor area of your scalp to the area where you suffer baldness.

There are two concerned sites in the treatment: donor and recipient. The former is where hair is already present, while the latter is suffering from baldness.

Why is Satya Hair Clinic one of the best hair clinics in Delhi?

Satya Hair Clinic is the most trusted hair transplant Clinic in Delhi, not just in Delhi but all across the globe. Led by founder Dr. Shail Gupta, they have a team of qualified hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, trichologists, and medical assistants who provide excellent professional services to people looking for hair fall solutions.

Dr. Gupta is a certified hair transplant surgeon with an MBBS and a postgraduate (MD Dermatology) degree. He has successfully conducted 10,000+ hair transplants and restorations.

The clinic has created an ecosystem where innovative ways are developed to treat scalp irritations,hair-related deficiencies, and male and female hair transplant solutions.

The professionals reassess every patient exclusively and suggest the best line of customized treatment depending on the condition of their hair.

Besides this, Satya is the world’s number-one center for repairing hair transplants. Dr. Shaiil’s compassionate nature and his expertise and skills in combining all the different techniques of hair restoration, has given new hope to many patients who have been a victim of bad hair transplant from other places.

The clinic is considered a prime destination in Delhi NCR. The reason for this is mainly because of the following factors.

  • Expert hair transplant surgeons

The clinic has some world-class and award-winning hair transplant surgeons who can perform both FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant, depending on what will be in the best interest of the patient. Both procedures require their own set of skills and precision. They also offer all other therapies of hair restoration like SMP, PRP, Synthetic fiber, etc.

  • Costs and   support after hair transplant

The clinic offers hair transplants in Delhi under different packages as suited to the patient’s physical and financial requirements. The clinic gives the best suggestions to the patients based on various factors depending on the budget and the total number of hair strands required, the techniques used, the donor used for extraction, the type of transplant whether shaven or unshaven, etc.

The clinic ensures proper pre and post-transplant support, so the patient does not suffer from anxiety or ignorance.

Hair transplants usually cause many doubts in the patients’ minds. Getting satisfactory answers to these questions is important before opting for a hair transplant.

So, when one lacks confidence in appearing in public, they can opt for a hair transplant procedure, but only after getting proper factual information and honest assessment from a skilled and certified doctor.  What could be a better place to learn the truth than Satya Hair Clinic?

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